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The players

Tomas Satoransky

"With Stefan, we focus on every detail in the shooting. It's great to have someone that you can slow things down and talk about details. It helped me a lot.”​

Devon Hall

"Working with Stefan made a huge impact on my improvement. Especially for my first year in Europe. He’s always pointing out small adjustments that end up being large improvements to your game. He’s a master of his craft."

Maxi Kleber

"Stefan is very open and very patient, takes notes and videos, and does his work very carefully. I learned about hand positioning, where my elbow should be, body positioning. We worked on a lot of things and tried to adjust everything. Probably too much to make a list."

Jakob Pöltl

"It’s great that we have that connection, that I know him from when I was way younger. It's really helpful that he has seen me play for that long and he knows my game that well so he can give me very detailed advice."

P.J. Tucker

“Stefan helped me a lot with my shot, the balance of my shot. He worked with me every day. For sure that was part of me coming back to the NBA."​

Nicolo Melli

"Stefan knows basketball very well. He gave me tips that were very useful. It can change your game... it is the extra-boost to improve throughout the season!"​

Who he does it for

Stefan's work

Pro Skills Campus

Pro Skills Academy and Pro Skills Toolboxes are the first of many things to come at the Pro Skills Campus.

Bamberg Baskets

Bamberg Baskets are the nine time German champion. Stefan Weissenboeck has been the Head of Player Development for almost ten years.

Czech basketball

During the summer and also during the season Stefan Weissenboeck constantly travels to the Czech Republique to work with the Czech Basketball Federation.

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